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Konstantinos Athanasiou Insurance


Life Insurance

  • Did you know you can protect your family if something tragic were to happen to you?

  • Have you ever thought how will your wife cope with the every day struggle and raise the family you created together, alone?

  • What are the consequences for those left behind?

Health Insurance for Kids

  • What kind of health care and treatment want your child to get?

  • How were you going to react yesterday night, in case of emergency, in the middle of the night?

  • Have you ever thought the the consequences of a required treatment in a foreign country?

Health Insurance for Adults

  • Where would your Doctor advise you to treat yourself in case you were diagnosed with a health problem?

  • Have you ever thought how will you cover the costs of an unexpected health situation?

  • How would you react on an emergency incident last night?

  • Can you imagine the consequences of not having a health insurance policy in place?

Car Insurance

  • Do you have the right insurance policy for your needs?

  • What are the right moves to do in case you are involved in an accident?

  • How are you going to cover the costs of an accident you caused?

Home Insurance

  • Do you know how exposed is your house?

  • Have you ever thought that an unfortunate event might turn your home into ashes?

  • Can you afford the cost to rebuild overnight the place you are living ?

  • Can you imagine the consequences of loosing everything you are taking for granted?

Business Insurance

  • Have you ever calculated the daily risks of a business? 

  • Did you know that only 17% of businesses manage to stay up and ruunning if an unexpected event were to happen to them?

  • Do you have the financial freedom to start from scratch your business again?

Liability Insurance

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  • Do you know what liability insurance is?

  • How are you going to manage a possible claim of a third person against you?

  • Do you know the legal costs that might occur?

  • Can you imagine the consequences of an event like that to your career and fame ?

Travel insurance

  • Did you know there was travel insurance policy?

  • Have you ever thought how desperate and lost you might feel if an unfortunate event were to happen to you in a foreign country?

  • Would you like to have an open ticket back to your home in case of emergency?

Pension Plan

  • Do you know the difference between Redistributive and Funded system?

  • Have you ever though how much Pension are you going to get?

  • What are the consequences of you having insufficient pension while you need it the most?

College Savings Plan

  • Did you know you could start saving money today for your kids education? 

  • 84% of kid's will attend to college.Who is going to pay for that?

  • What are the consequences of not having that kind of money saved?

Tailor Made Insurance

  • Tailor Made Insurance Programs for any kind of Danger

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